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Polystyrene Foam Sheets

Quality And Uses Of Polystyrene Foam Sheets
Polystyrene is one of the world’s most popular materials commonly used by people around the globe. This material which is used as a component in construction, flotation devices, and insulation can be found among visible goods such as toys, coolers, food trays, cups and packaging materials. This synthetic polymer of styrene is highly known to be affordable, practicable, and versatile.
Components of polystyrene foam
Polystyrene foam sheets are an extremely lightweight product that is made of 5% plastic and 95% air. This form of synthetic polymer is made of expanded polystyrene beads – small solid plastic particles of polystyrene derived from the monomer styrene. When at a higher temperature, this material can be melted and solidified for desired applications as a solid thermoplastic. Polystyrene can be expanded to about 40 times its actual size.
Uses of polystyrene foam
Due to their excellent set of properties, polystyrene foam sheets can be used for a variety of applications such as white foam packaging and building materials. As a matter of fact, expanded polystyrene is now commonly being used as the foam core for many surfboards. No doubt, it has a wide range of end-use applications. Thanks to its extremely light weight, excellent thermal insulation, and good damping properties.
Packaging is one of the most common uses of polystyrene foam sheets. When it comes to storing and transporting fragile items like pharmaceutical products, electronic equipment, chemicals, and wines, the polystyrene foam has always been a suitable material to use, thanks to its shock absorbing properties. It also has high thermal insulation and moisture resistant properties that are ideal for packaging perishable items like vegetables, fruit, seafood, and even cooked food.
Building and construction
Polystyrene, as it is commonly known, does not experience any chemical reactions due to its inert nature. As a matter of fact, it is a very suitable material that can be easily used in the construction industry as it does not appeal to any pests. This material does not promote rot or mold. When used as a core material, it is only capable of absorbing very little water. This is because it is a closed cell.
When it comes to the construction of pontoons and marinas, polystyrene is commonly used as a flotation material that helps to enhance the process or condition of floating. It is also employed as a lightweight fill in railway and road construction. Apart from being lightweight, the material is generally known to be strong and highly durable. In buildings, polystyrene foam sheets are used as insulated panel systems for floors, roofs, walls, and facades.
Some other uses
Other common uses of polystyrene foam sheets include
For the promotion of soil aeration. When it comes to producing seedling trays, it is important to note that this material also has applications in horticulture. For staking packaging goods. It is also a packaging material. Thanks to its compression resistant nature. For producing cycling helmets and children’s seats. Along with its shocking absorbing properties, polystyrene foam is also known to be very strong.


Polystyrene Foam Sheets
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